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There is an awful lot of nice guys out there. Fact.
Here’s another fact, too. There is an awful lot of terrible guys as well. Want names? We got names.

Harvey Weinstein, Michael Fallon, Bill O’ Reilly, Mike Oreskes, Nabih al-Wahsh, Dustin Hoffman and Mr. 45 himself. Oh yes, to him, women are just a “nice piece of ass”.

So let us tell you this. We are a piece of ass - our ass. And it’s a piece of us. And no one has any authority on us.
Here’s a message to the bad guys, in case they decide to claim rights on us or on our ass.
Bugger off. No means no.

Rationale & Execution

Α pair of jeans is part of one’s everyday uniform. They can be comfy, they can be sexy, cool and easy to wear. According to anthropologist Danny Miller, "Jeans are the most personal thing you can wear, they wear to the body." Jeans are one’s personal space.

Since their conception in late 19th century, jeans quickly travelled a long way. They became a versatile piece of the wardrobe, helping anyone look stylish, yet comfortable 24/7. Nowadays, consumers are not wearing a pair of jeans, they were wearing a Levi’s 501. High-end fashion houses launch their own lines. If a pair fits well, peers will ask where you’d get it from and what’s the brand.

All in all, “The brands we buy and the brands we associate with often make powerful statements about us to ourselves as well as to others” (Sutherland, 2008).

At any point, half of the population will wear jeans. And half of that given population is female. Given the latest sexual harassment stories that came to light, we quickly realised that, regardless of studies, work ethos, and personal accomplishments, a lot of women will still be judged and graded based on their anatomy by fellow men. How many times have you caught someone looking your behind, silently judging, if not touching it? Exactly.

Combining all this information, helped us define the execution. We “unbranded” and “rebranded” jeans, putting powerful statements about sexual harassment, consent and accountability where the label would usually sit, that is on one’s waist, slightly above the “behind” area.

As mentioned before, associating with brands can produce powerful statements. Therefore, we created the PIECE OF ASS / PIECE OF US brand to communicate the message to anyone thinking or even attempting to exercise power on women’s bodies.

Creatives: Ada & Vil